How to Become a Makeup Artist

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Rachel McAdams Lips in The Notebook

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Everytime I watch 'The Notebook' I completely die over Rachel McAdams lips. I was sure it had to be a lip stain of some sort. After years of watching it and thinking to myself "hm I should look up what she was wearing.." I finally did it! What can I say, procrastination is my middle name. It took some diggin' but I finally found the answer on yahoo answers! That person found it on makeup411.com. I looked for the original post so that I could credit it but the page comes up missing. Here's what they said:
"Lips were filled in with MAC Rosewood lip pencil and topped off with Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm. For different scenes and to give the lip color different intensities, Linda added Paula Dorf lip pencil in Carousel and Paula Dorf lipstick in Gorgeous into the already filled in Rosewood lip. For a redder mouth, Linda filled lip in with a mix of MAC Rosewood and Paula Dorf Carousel."

 What movies do you absolutely love the make up in? Even if its something as small as lips, I wanna know!