REVIEW: Rimmel Eyeful Glistener Crayon

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Holaaa :) Todays review is for Rimmel Eyeful Glistener Crayon. They are sooome what like the shade sticks from MAC but not as great and much much cheaper haha. so Rimmel says to use these as an all over eyelid shadow, but I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS. It creases way easy, it feels lipsticky and sort of greasy. BUT when used in other ways it is really pretty and very effective.

The two I bought:
The Rimmel line comes with 5 colors. Theres Flaunt (orange), Stand Out (lime green), Talk To Me (blue), Girls Only (pink), Straight Laced (purple/rose). The two I purchased were Talk to Me, and Straight Laced.

As Bases:
These are amazing as bases. I tried it with L'oreal HIP pigment in 544 Unashamed over Straight Laced, and Milani eyeshadow in 06 Atlantis over Talk To Me. The results were great! They stayed so close to the true brilliant color of the Eyeful Crayons. I put Talk To Me as just a bottom liner with Atlantis over it for school as a fast and easy look :)

The Swatches:

The Results:


REVIEW: Wet 2 Straight Straightener

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Heeyy people, this is a review for the Wet 2 Straight tool by Remington. Its an AMAAAZING hair straightener because not only does it straighten amazingly well, you can do it while your hair is wet and it completely dries it! It saves me sooo much time in the mornings because I dont have to blowdry then straighten, its an all in one :) Here are some other reasons why its aaaamazing that I found off of Remingtons website:

  • Exclusive Triple Protection: Teflon® brand coating for no sticking, Ceramic plates for even heat and Ions for no frizz
  • 1” slim plates
  • Dual ceramic heaters for instant heat-up and high, uniform heat
  • Auto shut off
  • 30 Heat settings
  • Digital LCD display with touch pad controls
  • 2 year warranty
  • Dual Voltage for worldwide travel
Heres What It Looks Like:
The Top:
This is the top, if you notice the wholeson the left and right sides, thats where it all comes out of when the water from your hair converts to steam.

The Bottom:
I LOVE that its digital, with the 3 different levels of heat comes 3 different colors. When using it on plane ol' dry hair you use the Blue setting which is between 1-15, when using it on damp hair, the color turns purple which is 15-20 I think.., and then 25-30 is red for very very wet hair. It beeps to let you know when its all ready.

The Beginning:


Conclusion: All in all I have fallen head over heels for this straightener, it saves so much time and effort. I dont know how I ever got along without it :)

My Review & Tutorial Video:


REVIEW: Rhoto V Ice Eye Drops

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Yoo guys, todays review is over Rhoto V Ice Eye Drops. Whiich I must say, and I hate to do it, is the absolute worse thing I have ever purchased. Usually I just use the good ol' Visine, but I felt like trying something new. I bought this at Wegmans and was sooo excited to try it. It looked very cool. The have Cool(mild), Ice(colder), and Arctic(super cold). These are suppose to make your eyes have a cooling effect. It was the biggest wast of money ever. These things are like acid and hot sauce in your eye. I coukdnt see for a day when I used these one morning a few weeks ago. How nuts is that!? A product thats suppose to soothe itch, irritation, and burns, actually made it worse. I thought at first maybe I was just allergic to it.. allergies happen. But I did some resaearch, checked some reviews, TONS of people said the same thing. A small percent said it just takes some getting use to but I honestly don't think thats it. I think its just poison for your eyes. The end :)

Rhoto & Visine:


Review Video:
BuuhBYe :)

REVIEW: bareMinerals I.D. Get Started Kit

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Heeeyy guys! todays review is for the bareMinerals I.D. Get Started Kit which is aaaamazing. This is the best coverage I've ever had. This is some info that was on the site :) It will improve your skin condition and also its SPF15!! Some other things that I found in the website listen below:

  • is free of preservatives, talc, oil, fragrance and other potential skin irritants
  • is free of fillers and binders
  • is weightless
  • provides adjustable coverage—from light to full
This really is an amazing kit. Its $60 at both Sephora and the Bare Escentuals website, the only difference is at the original website you can make two payments of $29.99 wich is awesome!! This kit comes with everything you would need for the perfect face!

Here's the whole kit:

Close up on brushes:

- Full Flawless Face Brush (big)
- Flawless Application Face Brush (medium)
- Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush (small)


- 0.06 oz bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation in Light
- 0.06 oz bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation in Golden Medium
- 0.06 All Over Face Color in Warmth
- 0.06 oz Mineral Veil

The whole thing:

- 0.06 oz bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation in Light
- 0.06 oz bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation in Golden Medium
- 0.06 All Over Face Color in Warmth
- 0.06 oz Mineral Veil
- Full Flawless Face Brush
- Flawless Application Face Brush
- Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
- a How-to instructional DVD
- BONUS - Exclusively for SEPHORA : 0.05 oz Prime Time Foundation Primer

Review Video:

REVIEW: Making Faces by Kevyn Aucion

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Heeyy everyone todays review is for the makeup book Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin. I was sooo impressed with this book. It really has everything you could ever learn. I wish I would have had this book when I first started doing makeup years ago because it has everything you need to learn and its made so easy to understand. This book came out awhile ago but I just recently picked it up so it personally didnt teach me anything because I knew most of it already, but still it's handy to have for referance and its peeerfect for anyone just starting out or needs some guidlines :) I LOVE that it has charts and diagrams on every single page to show you everything you want to learn about. This book is packed with celebrities and tons of different looks from each decade and it shows you exactly what to use and how to do each one. So if you're looking for a good makeup book this is def the one for you!

The Cover of the Book:

The Glorious Contoring Page:

The Classic Look Index:

The Video Review:

Byyeee :)

Beauty Secrets: Top 7 Ways To Use Olive Oil

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Hey guys!! So instead of a review today Im gonna tell you about some ways to use a very common house hold item in your beauty routine :) The item is Olive Oil. This thing is magic, no lie, it does so much for you other than keep you healthy. And if you cook, there HAS to be some of this in your cupboards!! Here are the top 7 ways I use it. If you dont want to read all this just watch my video at the bottom of this blog, its all in there as well along with some demenstrations :)

Here's the Olive Oil and the Treatment I Use:

1. Shaving - after washing just rub a bit of olive oil on the area you're going to be shaving and just get to it! haha I know thats a broad statement but really its that easy, just make sure you dont apply to much or else it will be way to slippery.

2. Makeup Remover - I use this everyday! Apply it just how you would with normal makeup remover. It works just as well and theres not all those yucky chemicals in your eye :) Just make sure to wash your eyelids after using it so that the oils dont clog your pores.

3. Hair Mask - This is awesome I do it every other day. If you have ethnic hair or coarse hair this will work wonders for you. Just put it in washed hair, put on a shower cap, and blow dry for about 10 - 15 minutes, or use this awesome product i found at Sally Beauty its called Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Moisturizing Treatment. It's $11.99 and it smells amazing! No funky olive oil smell :) After you wash your hair in the bath or shower let this stuff sit in your hair for about 5-7 minutes and its a done deal :) Do it every other day for results.

4. Treats Lice - Put in your hair for no less that 3 hours and no more than 8 for three days. Keep it in a shower cap to stop it from being messy. after the three days take a metal comb and poke around to see if its taken care of. Then wash your hair with dish soap and get all the dead buggies out :)

5. Softens Dry Areas - Sometimes the more perfumey lotions dry your skin out but this is a sure bet. Just apply small dabs to your dry spots till they begin to heal :)

6. Chapped Lips - This is just like any other lip conditioner except you cant leave the house with it on. Let it set on your lips for 10-30 minutes and then rub em with an old tooth brush, they'll be so soft and smooth its madness.

7. Cuticles - soak your nails in a small bowl of warm olive oil for about 20 minutes, then just wash it off and watch your cuticles become beautiful :)

Olive Oil Video:

Cya later guys!!

REVIEW: Lorac Full Face Collection

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Heyyy everyone. Today's review is for the Lorac Full Face Collection which is available at Sephora. It comes with 16 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 1 highlight, 1 bronzer, and 3 lip glosses. Lets start with the shadows. They for the most part really have a good feeling and pigment to them, theres only a select few that I wasn't pleased with, but overall they show up very very well and blend nicely. It came in a cute case, its suppose to be used as a clutch but personally I would never use that as a clutch because it's really very bulky. This palette is perfect for traveling though! You really dont need to bring much else besides brushes, liner, mascara, ect. Its got all the basics. I always bring it with me when traveling, it just keeps everything together nicely and I dont have to worry if I forgot any shadows or blushes or lip gloss.

The Glosses:
I LOVE These! Theres a clear one with copper sparkles that are unnoticable (meaning you cant feel them at all, no grainy-ness haha). Then theres a peachy pink frosty one which has an amazing shine to it, and my favorite, the rosey pink one. They are such great quality I was really blown away. Theres no stickyness at all, the feel alot like NYX glosses. I was so pleased with these I use them aaall the time. I just wish they were a tad bit larger, I feel like I'm going to run out of them soon and Im not sure if they are buyable seperate from the palette.


The Look:
1. Take the first color that I have marked on the pallete in the picture below and apply it wet all over the lid.
2. Apply this color to only have of the lid, leaving the inner lid with just the 1st layer of shadow.
3. This is the highlight color, Apply it all beneath the eyebrow and blend it in to the lid color.
4. Last but not least, the 4th color I have marked, apply it in the outer corners of your eyes winged up. (Trick: apply tape from the bottom lid up to your eyerbow diagnoly so that it creates that straight look effect, remove when looks done). Apply wet in the outer corner first so that its very dark, drag it out to the inner corner, blend it in with your lid color.
5. Apply eyeliner, mascara, and her's the finished product :)

Video Review:


REVIEW: Dazzling Metallics by Cover Girl

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Hello loves! Todays review was for the Dazzling Metallics by Cover Girl. It has almost a fall type of feel to it. The colors are a coppery orange, black with shimmer, and then a gold/yellow. They are all super shimmery and I was pretty impressed with everything except, once again the yellow. I cant find a good department store yellow!! If you know of any you totally have to tell me about them but here are the swatches :)

The Look:
1. First I applied the yellow all over my lid.
2. I then over lapped it with the copper.
3. I put black in the corners and a bit of the crease.
4. Winged out eyeliner and mascara.

The Turn Out! :) Its not my most favorite look but Im Pleased.

And the Video Review:

Thanks guys!
<3 Shae

REVIEW: Tropical Fusion Palette by Cover Girl

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Hey everyone this is my review of the Tropical Fusion 205 palette by Cover Girl. It comes with four colors as seen in the picture below. Its pretty obvious there's a deep blue, a sea green, light orange, and a yellowish green. For the most part I was satisfied, the blue and the green show very well, really easy to work with, but the yellow and the orange were almost chalky and didn't appear real well.

This is the look I came up with, it was actually pretty easy and I really love the turn out.
1. On the over all lid I applied the yellow wet, then when that dried I applied more yellow.
2. I then applied the sea green on the crease and on the outer corners almost all the way up to the brow line.
3. I then applied the deep blue into the corners and blended it with the yellow and the green.
4. INext came a highlight under the brow, its white with a hint of a green shine.
5. Next came orange in the inner corners.
6. Blue and green shadows under my water line.
7. Last but not least liquid liner and mascara :)

And heres the finished look:

Here's My Video Review!!

Hope ya guys liked it :)
<3 Shae