REVIEW: Dazzling Metallics by Cover Girl

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Hello loves! Todays review was for the Dazzling Metallics by Cover Girl. It has almost a fall type of feel to it. The colors are a coppery orange, black with shimmer, and then a gold/yellow. They are all super shimmery and I was pretty impressed with everything except, once again the yellow. I cant find a good department store yellow!! If you know of any you totally have to tell me about them but here are the swatches :)

The Look:
1. First I applied the yellow all over my lid.
2. I then over lapped it with the copper.
3. I put black in the corners and a bit of the crease.
4. Winged out eyeliner and mascara.

The Turn Out! :) Its not my most favorite look but Im Pleased.

And the Video Review:

Thanks guys!
<3 Shae

1 Response to REVIEW: Dazzling Metallics by Cover Girl

  1. Rai

    Those colors are gorgeous!
    Are you looking for like a true, vibrant yellow?