Holiday Tutorial: Bells & Berries

Posted by ThatGirlShaeXo on Tuesday, November 30, 2010.
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Holiday Tutorial: Gorgeous Greens

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Hey Everyone! This is my first Holiday Tutorial. Enjoy & Be sure to watch my tutorial on YouTube!

- MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
-Borjouis Powder
-MAC Prim & Proper Blush

-MAC "Sweet Sage" Fluid Line
-NARS 'Lime Green' in "Wicked" Duo
-MAC "Sumptuous Olive"
-MAC "Plumage"
-MAC "Brule"
-MAC Black Track Fluid Line

-Smashbox 'Smitten" Lipgloss

Benefit's "The Fab Lane" Set

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I have been staring at this set ever since we got it in my store a few weeks ago! It is such a good value! So lets address what come in it. First, you got the Legendary "Hoola Bronzer". This bronzer is such a great color, great formulation, and great for all skin tones. Next, you get the "Bad Gal Lash Mascara". This is also a legendary product from benefit. Last but not least, you get the "That Gal" Face Brightening Primer. The best thing of all, they are ALL FULL SIZED! This rarely happens when beauty kits come out. This set is priced at $49 plus tax. If you were to buy each of these products separately it would be over $75 all together. You can't go wrong with this gift set. Run to your local Ultas & Benefit suppliers before they're gone!

Glittery Smokey Eye Inspired by Lady Gaga

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Hey guys so this is actually part 4 of my "13 Looks to Try Before You Die" series on youtube. It's a glittery Smokey eye inspired by Lady Gaga. It was pretty easy. And honestly I think it may be my favorite look I have done, thus far. Make sure you check out my youtube for a full tutorial =) Product List will be up soon! Thanks guys!

EOTD (Eye of The Day!)

Posted by ThatGirlShaeXo on Sunday, November 21, 2010.

So this was my eyeshadow look I tried out today. Unfortunetly the camera didnt pick up the colors very well. The 'silver' part is actually a deep blue green. Its actually "Birds & Berries" eyeshadow from the Liberty of London collection. Also the black in the outer v is "Top Hat" w/ some carbon. Im gonna try to re do these pics.

CCO Haul!

Posted by ThatGirlShaeXo on Saturday, November 20, 2010.
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Hey guys so today after a makeup class I was all inspired and decided to check out my CCO for some good finds. I came out with:
-Mineralized Skin Finish Natural
-"Refined" MSF from the SugarSweet Collection
-2009 Holiday Cool Pigment Set
"Femme-Fi" E/S from New SciFi (My FAVORITE e/s!!)
-"Birds & Berries" E/S from Liberty of London
-"Prim & Propper" Blush from Liberty of London

Whats  the best thing you ever found at a CCO??

Rihanna "What's My Name?" Makeup Tutorial

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Hey guys! So if you haven't seen my latest video, it was inspired by Rihanna. I tried my best with what I had to re-create this. gorgeous, yet simple, look. RiRi rocked the "Whats my name?" music video ft. Drake. In it she had one particular look that stood out to me. Her eyes were a soft pastel lavender, while her lips were a light pink. It's just so pretty! Here are pictures with a break down of products.
Make sure to WATCH my tutorial! =)

Poducts Used:

-NYX 'Lavender' Jumbo Pencil
-MAC E/S 'Her Alter Image'
-MAC E/S 'Illegal Cargo'
-MAC E/S 'Naked Lunch'
-Smashbox Pencil Liner 'Orchid'
-Benefit Badgal Lash Mascara
-Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

-MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
-MAC Studio Finish Concealer
-ELF Bronzer
-MAC 'Pink Swoon' Blush
                                                                                    -MAC MSF 'Perfect Topping'
                                                                                   -MAC Lady Gaga Lipstick
                                                                                   -Revlon Lilac Pastel Lipgloss

Top 8 Blushes

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In No order =)

Some of these swatches came out very strange. Im planning on correcting them and adding new pictures tomorrow. I also forgot Deep Throats swatch. But this will do for now =)

PLEASE watch my top 8 blushes tag on my YT channel!<3

Blue Smokey Eye

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Hey everyone! This is just a quick post of a look I just did. I will add a product list tomorrow. I hope you all like it. Do you think I should do a tutorial or no?

Love Shae =)

bareMinerals Charm Collection

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 This is the Charmed kit from bareMinerals. Its a 10 piece makeup kit that comes with eye shadows, face powders, a liner, mascara, a gloss, and two brushes. This set retails for $54 and is at a value of $143.
 The brushes that are included in this kit are a blush brush and a crease defining brush. From the get go I could tell I wasn't going to like these brushes. There are very flimsy, not very dense, the hair isn't of a nice quality, and they feel scratchy to the face. bareMinerals have not always been none for having very good brushes. So it came to no surprise that I wasn't please with the ones included within this kit.
 The Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara is by FAR my favorite part of the Charm Collection. I absolutely love what this does to my lashes. The look longer and fuller. No clumps and no mess! Im so pleased with this mascara it has such a wonderful formula.

 Next is the Plum colored eyeliner. I wasn't very please with this liner. It seemed to tug on the lids and be a pain to use. I dont know if maybe Im just spoiled from using 24/7 UD liners, but this just wasn't cutting it for me.
 This is the 100% Natural '7 Layer Cake' lipgloss. In the tube it looks to be a very light baby colored pink with subtle hints of shimmer. But unfortunately once applied to the lips its very very sheer. If pigments what you're looking for, this gloss is not for you.
The first swatch is of the Timeless Blush. Then the Flawless Radiance Powder, and then Original Mineral Veil.
The 2nd Picture is of the shadows. The first swatch is Memoir. The 2nd shadow is Charmed shadow.

This is the final look I came up with. I used ONLY products in this kit as well as only the ONE eye brush that was included. at $54 I dont believe this kit to be worth it. It would be a great gift to maybe someone in their early teens who is experimenting with makeup for the first time, as nothing is to heavy or dramatic. The only think I would repurchase out of this kit is the Mascara. The Charmed Collection gets a 2 out of 5 Stars for me. The mascara was definitely what gave it the 2 points.

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Pet Haul? Lmao.

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I got a new pet! He is a little turtle and I love him. I know this is not beauty related at all, I was just super excited. His name is Trypp. My mom found him in at the Italian Market in Philly. He was only $10, but the tank and lamps and all came to $200. Sooo I'm considering it an early birthday present hahaha. I hope he gets bigger! He is soo little. Welp see you later guys!