REVIEW: Rhoto V Ice Eye Drops

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Yoo guys, todays review is over Rhoto V Ice Eye Drops. Whiich I must say, and I hate to do it, is the absolute worse thing I have ever purchased. Usually I just use the good ol' Visine, but I felt like trying something new. I bought this at Wegmans and was sooo excited to try it. It looked very cool. The have Cool(mild), Ice(colder), and Arctic(super cold). These are suppose to make your eyes have a cooling effect. It was the biggest wast of money ever. These things are like acid and hot sauce in your eye. I coukdnt see for a day when I used these one morning a few weeks ago. How nuts is that!? A product thats suppose to soothe itch, irritation, and burns, actually made it worse. I thought at first maybe I was just allergic to it.. allergies happen. But I did some resaearch, checked some reviews, TONS of people said the same thing. A small percent said it just takes some getting use to but I honestly don't think thats it. I think its just poison for your eyes. The end :)

Rhoto & Visine:


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2 Responses to REVIEW: Rhoto V Ice Eye Drops

  1. Anonymous

    rhoto's are badass...you just have to put them in when your high

  2. Anonymous

    Rhotos sting a little, but the sting goes away after a couple minutes, and they make your eyes super white. I used them for the first time about a week ago when my contacts started making my eyes red.

    They made my eyes feel much better and I could go back to my contacts instead of my glasses for the rest of the weekend.

    Not as awful as some people say they are. I LOVE them.