Kim Kardashian’s New Look

Posted by ThatGirlShaeXo on Sunday, August 16, 2009. Filed under: , , , , ,

So Im sure many of you have seen Kim Kardashian's new look. She traded in her sleek black hair for a new bubbly blonde do! I love Kim with her black hair but I think its great she is re-inventing herself, especially after her recent breakup with longtime boyfriend Reggie Bush. How do you feel about it? Leave a comment or take the poll!

How do you feel about Kims new hair?

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I hate it!
The black is better, but a change is always fun.
I love both!

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1 Response to Kim Kardashian’s New Look

  1. coffeennicotine

    Okay, so the internet ate by brain today in that odd way it tends to with so many people. You start by looking on Wikipedia for a recipe to make Flan; you know, because you've decided on homemade desserts tonight FTW. By the time it's all over, one link having lead to another, you're on this chicks blog you don't know writing a comment about your opinions on a celebrity you care nothing about having changed her 'look'. Oh, and of course the whole Flan idea is now out the window. Since I'm a guy I'll take a moment at the end of all of this to explain how exactly I got here.... For perspective on the whole internet brain-eating thing if nothing else.

    So anyway, Kim's new look: They both look good on her. She's obviously an attractive woman, but her eyes seemed too close together with her darker look. The new lighter one sets her eyes farther apart (You could explain how this works through the use of makeup much better than I ever could.) which I believe compliments the frame of her face much better. I know that the darker pic was taken from a higher vantage point, changing the shape of the frame of her face, but I think the eye thing stands up to this fact.

    Lastly, two things: Why I even bothered to post is that I'm an illustrator and I enjoy interacting with people that put a lot, a bit, whatever, of their free thought into the way things look to them. Or how they think they should look. Or taking something they see in their head and making it a real thing that exists in the physical world. You use someone's face (or your own) and I use a computer or paper, but the essence is the same. Secondly, I was checking out PandyFackleresque's channel on Youtube where apparently she got into it with someone over a 'Guidette' video (Turns out it wasn't you that I could tell. Saw your response to the 'Haters' tho. Ha. Listen, you're going to run into those kinds of people here and there for the rest of your life, especially if your an expressive person. They're called trolls. Don't feed them; if you savvy my meaning.)
    so I looked for the 'Guidette' video for reference....and there's a fakkin MILLION of those things. (None of them could have possibly been serious. Could they have? Dear god....) After seeing your Guidette vid and the Haters one, Idle curiosity brought me here.

    Well, that's it. Not being able to sleep sucks, but at least there's the internet, and random blogging, eh?