Benefit Bella Bamba Blush

Posted by ThatGirlShaeXo on Sunday, January 2, 2011. Filed under: , , ,

Hey guyss! So recently Benefit has launched a brand new blush to their line. It's called "Bella Bamba". It is covered in super flashy packaging that gived a 3D effect. Which, is fitting, due to the fact that the blush itself is suppose to give your face a 3D glow. Really all that means is that its shimmery and glowy.
When I first saw this I though it was strikingly similar to NARS Orgasm Blush. So in the following photos I compared the two on my face, as well as swatched it on my hands. Watch my video to hear my whole review!

Benefits "Bella Bamba" Blush

NARS "Orgasm" Blush

Swatches of Both

4 Responses to Benefit Bella Bamba Blush

  1. Skin MD Natural

    The blush looks great on you, really natural. Using a light weight natural shielding lotion under your make up is a great way to keep skin silky smooth and hydrated all day.

  2. ThatGirlShaeXo


  3. DanniiBeauty

    It looks great on you! The benefit blush seems to be more defined in colour, and definitely gives a great glow.

  4. many.faces.in.pinK

    I want this so bad!