Quick Easy Way to Transform Your Look!

Posted by ThatGirlShaeXo on Monday, July 25, 2011. Filed under:

Ta Daaa! For those of you who do not watch many of my videos, I changed my look a bit. Naturally I dark brown hair. Over the past few months I was bringing it back to the blond hair that I missed so much. 

Even my transition into a blonde life couldn't make me feel better about my look. It was the same ol' awkward hair i've had for about a year now. (Growing out pixie cuts is the WORST). Long story short I was cleaning my hair cutting sheers and decided to give myself some bangs! I absolutely love blonde hair with bangs and bright eye makeup. I am having so much fun with my look right now. I hope you all are too!

7 Responses to Quick Easy Way to Transform Your Look!

  1. D.Sadie

    OMG you look amazing! You are so stunning with blonde hair.

  2. Peach Lace

    This look suits you so well! You can really pull off both the blonde hair and bangs, good job! You're right it totally transforms your look in a unique way :)

  3. Bryceena

    This is so right for you! Glad you love it, I do too!

  4. Amanda

    seriously, you look absolutely fantastic! the bangs and the hair color suits you perfectly!

  5. Mrs.Makeup

    Not that you weren't always,but you just look so gorgeous with this new look! Such a pretty girl.

  6. Anonymous

    You look great Shea. Reminds me of Kate Hudson

  7. Buzzed For Beauty

    i looove those bangs :) you're adorable. can't believe you cut those yourself wtf when i tried that i came out looking like a crackhead

    life is so unfair!