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What better way to spend a day of being sick in bed, than online shopping?
I am ADDICTED to HauteLook. I have been for almost a year now. They have an amazing range of things to buy. Clothing, Accessories, Food, Vacations, you name it, they probably have it. Also, all at a highly discounted price! I watch for the things that have a "75-80% Blow Out" sticker. Thats where the super cheap stuff usually lies.

I have had a $20 credit for a while that I've been scratching to use. As I was browsing today, I found two items I had to have. They are both black because I can only wear black to work. Plus, black always looks nice and wont get to dirty.

My Tribe Crochet Back Tunic Dress
Original Price: $90
-83% Savings-

My Tribe Polka Top
Original Price: $70
-89% Savings-

I think that these tops are so cute! I cant wait to wear the dress with black footie leggings, and these shoes by Kenneth Cole:

All in all I LOVE HauteLook. There are a few disadvantages, though. First being, they do not accept returns. Understandably, as they buy the products themselves and then sell them to you. The second thing I dislike, is the shipping time. On ocassion my purchases have taken two weeks to a full month to be delivered. I did learn that once you order something, HauteLook orders it from the company, so it gets shipped to HauteLook, then to you.

Have you ever purchased anything from HauteLook? If so, what? and how was your experience?

Love Shae

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  1. Ebru

    Cute tops :) By the way, Hautelook did start accepting returns on majority of the items they sell a while ago. I recently found out about it and was so happy because not being able to return was just ridiculous! Feel better soon!