Review: Loreal MagicSmooth Souffle Foundation & Double Extender Foundation

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Hey everyone! So this week Loreal debuted a new luxurious foundation. It's called the MagicSmooth Souffle Foundation. This cover up is suppose to super creamy and nice on the skin. It also supposedly acts as a primer, while filling in lines and pores. Lets just say I was more than skeptical so I decided to purchase it and try it for myself. Loreal was buy 1 get one 50% off so I decided to pick up their new mascara as well.
Here are photos! Watch my YouTube video for the few review and application of both products! Just Click Here!!!!

The Foundation
The Mascara
With Foundation & Mascara On

All in all I really do like this foundation. It applies like a dream, blends seamlessly, and really reduces fine lines and pores. This nice if a foundation has to come with a price right? This ends up coming to about $16. Pretty pricey for drugstore makeup. But, if this sounds like something you could use, I think its worth every penny. I was worried it would be alot like Dream Matte Mousse, but after playin with it for awhile, I realized this is much much smoother and nicer on the skin.
As for the Double Extend mascara. I absolutely hate it. Plain and simple. It does not enhance your eye color as it says its suppose to. It really is just dumb.

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