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Hey my lovely ladies and gorgeous gents'!

I have an announcement!!! If you watch my YouTube you already know, but I will be attending IMATS in NY April 9th & 10th! I am absolutely so excited. First of all I want to know if any of you are going. If so PLEASE leave me a comment saying so. Id love to meet every single one of you and say hi or chat or go to one of the classes together, whatev! Im just so excited and I am going all by my lonesome and would love to have some company :) I originally wanted to attend the LA show but I just didnt plan far enough ahead. I also live in Jersey so Im close enough to NY anyway. I am just so so super pumped but also so nervous hahaha.

Im so sad that MAC and Makeup Forever are not on the exhibit list. I mean I know they're just basic brands that you could go to any mall for. But still :(

These are all the booths I'm most excited to visit:
-Crown Brushes
-Jesse's Girl
-Kett Cosmetics
-Lit Cosmetics
-Naked Cosmetics
-Yaby Cosmetics
-Zuca Bags

Eeeeek! i am so so so excited. The classes will also be amazing. PLEASE let me know what you're most excited about seeing. Or if theres a booth that I didnt list that you think I should!

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  1. Makeup by Sherry Blossom

    Aww i missed you...if your at the makeup show ill see you there! check out my blog posts of what i purchased, who i met and my FOTD/OOTD for both days!!


  2. Shannon

    What are the numbers of your inglot blushes? They are really pretty! Thanks!