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 Hey my lovely ladies and lads! So recently I was sent some products from Sibu Beauty. Now don't worry, I know everyone always says this, but it will never ever effect the opinion on the products.

I was sent their Repair & Protect Facial Cream and their Cleanse & Detox Face and Body Soap.
When I first was contacted to test their products I was a little weary. My face can be so sensitive and I was worried that this was just a cheap company trying to spread their products through naive YouTubers who are willing to review anything so long as its free. I did my research and learned that Sibu is actually a quite respected company. They are sold at many health stores such as GNC. I also just recently saw their products in Elle magazine.

Their website goes into a great detail about their products as well. Just a few great things about their products are that they are 100% natural, paraben free, and their key ingredient is Sea Buckthorn. Sibus website goes into extensive research and explanation about why Sea Buckthorn is so wonderful for you, but to sum up, its a miracle fruit.

I have been using these products for about 2 weeks now. I am amazed to find out that the moisturizer did not break my skin out. I seriously feel like even the wrong kind of water could break me out! My skin is just so irritable. Back to the moisturizer. The first thing i noticed was the smell was seriously amazing. Like fresh tangerines. It was also very lightweight. I absolutely hate thicker and heavy moisturizers.

I haven't noticed seriously intense changes from before the Sibu moisturizer. However I did notice my skin feeling extremely refreshed and hydrated. More than usual. I actually prefer to put this on now over my Korres moisturizer. Which, if you watch my channel, you'll know I am OBSESSED with it. I feel as though Sibus is just as great for my skin but feels alot more hydrating.

As for the facial/body bar, I was very hesitant to use the bar on my face after the 1st use. Bars of soap can sometimes be a breeding ground for bacteria because it simply can't latch off of it. But I did try it on my face when I first opened the soap and my skin felt very clean. I especially love that there are these little flecks of something in the soap that were small but there enough to exfoliate. I did start using it on my body and noticed improvement on my arms. I have a slight case of eczema and it seems to be a little less noticeable and bumpy than usual, after a few weeks of using this soap. I checked the site and it does say it helps to "address rosacea and eczema". This is something I will for sure be repurchasing in the future! I am very self conscious of my arms and this truly did help.

I overall am happy with these products. Keep in mind alot of times there aren't noticeable improvements when using a new product till about 4-6 weeks. I have only been using these for two weeks, so I am excited to see the results after the full six weeks. My arms do look a whole lot clearer and the face moisturizer seriously feels like a burst of hydration. I can not even explain how fresh it feels.

Sorry this was so long! I do highly recommend trying Sibu out if you are looking for an all natural skincare line. They also carry so many more products including a liquid supplement that I am definitely purchasing for myself soon! It supposedly supports hair and nail growth which is like the only thing I ever want in life hahaha.

Thanks for reading! Leave questions and comments below :)

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  1. surfymurfy

    Hey Shae! I just discovered your youtube channel and absolutely LOVE the product reviews and makeup tutorials (especially the 101s) you do. Their honest, direct and actually make sense! Up until about a year ago, my passion in life has been skincare and I've only recently discovered how the heck makeup works - I'm 25 now, so yeah pretty embarrassing. Anyway, I honestly think you have pretty good skin without makeup. =) But if you or anyone you know still has issues with acne or oily/flaky skin or is looking for products that actually work, I wanted to share some knowledge and skincare products I've been using since I was 19 that has worked extremely well for me.

    2% salycilic acid gel
    5% benzoyl peroxide
    Skin Balancing Daily Mattifying Lotion SPF 15
    from Paula's Choice at http://www.cosmeticscop.com/

    I am in no way trying to endorse these products and have no affiliation whatsoever with the company. Just thought I mention her line of skincare if you haven't heard about her before. She has more skincare product options on the website. Not a big fan of her makeup line (hit or miss in my opinion), but her skin care products are based on legit scientific research (i.e ingredients used at the right concentration & PH), nothing gimicky or funky like magic oil from some rare tropical fruit. Plus they're decently priced, usually in the $10-$20 range.

    She's also the ONLY skincare company I've ever known to actually recommend products from other companies. Some are on her website and most of them can be found in her Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me books.

    Hope you find this helpful. Just wanted to throw in my two cents and help educate women so they don't get taken advantage of by the cosmetic/ skincare companies. :D