Inglot Shadow Swatches

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Hey lovies. So I have two 10 shadow palettes from Inglot. Some of you may know of my current battle with Inglot from my twitter and youtube. For those who don't, Inglot did not send me all of my shadows for the first palette I ordered. I have been trying to get the shadow for almost 4 months now. They have told me multiple times they will send it and they just never do. This is driving me CRAZY since I PAID for it! Ugh. I could go on forever about my frustration.

Despite my anger towards Inglots customer service, I do love most of their products. They are very inexpensive and so highly pigmented. I would love to own more, but I refuse to give them any money until I get what I paid for. I have gotten many request for swatches from my palettes and I do not want to deprive my readers just because I think Inglot has horrible customer service.

I have a separate blog post on what every shadow abbreviation stands for, which you can find here.

Palette 1:

Swatches of Palette 1:

 Palette 2:


3 Responses to Inglot Shadow Swatches

  1. JC! :)

    Sorry to hear about your battle with their CS. When I ordered with them a rep called me the next day and was kind of rude too. :( But like you, I really like most of their products. Hope you get your shadow soon...

    These are great colors/swatches. I am in love with your green ones.

  2. KeLLsTaR

    Love your palette. I have the first four shadows in your top row & love all of them except 15AS. The other colours are gorgeous & are making me want to get more! :D

    Sorry to hear about the problems you've had - I hope you get your eyeshadow (plus something else to apologise for the issue) soon!

  3. D.Sadie

    Thanks for the great swatches! The colors are so beautiful and pigmented.