Inglot Shadows Breakdown

Posted by ThatGirlShaeXo on Friday, June 3, 2011. Filed under: , , , , ,

Inglot is known for their wide range of shadows, formulas, finishes, and, confusing names. Their website provides little information on products and what stands for what. Not to mention the ordering process is very very confusing. They are new to online selling. I am hoping that overtime they improve their ordering system.
I thought I would put together a little breakdown of the meanings of each shadow name and pictures of each to help :)

  • AMC (advanced makeup component)- matte with shimmer

  • AMC Shine- metallic sheen with shimmer

  • D.S (double sparkle)- matte with iridescent shimmer

  • Matte - no shine, no shimmer, just flat color.

  • Pearl- pearled sheen.

It's hard to say which is my favorite. I know that my least favorite finish is AMC Shine. I feel like its the chunkiest of all the shadows. It also has the most fall out. Though, it is still gorgeous. 

3 Responses to Inglot Shadows Breakdown

  1. D.Sadie

    Thanks for the breakdown! =)

  2. KeLLsTaR

    Great breakdown :-) I love all the textures except AMC Shine. I find them patchy & hard to work with. My very favourite is Matte which I love so much I bought all the freedom system mattes (plus a few singles).

  3. Red lips, Black hair

    These are all so pretty! :)