Project Sexy in Full Speed!

Posted by ThatGirlShaeXo on Thursday, June 9, 2011.

Recently so many people have been commenting my latest video saying my face looks thinner and that I myself look smaller. I cannot notice a difference but that may because I am use to seeing my face everyday. I am so happy to say that from running everyday, working out, and cutting out all bad foods I have lost about 11 Lbs! I know it isn't much. I am not even sure if that makes that big of a difference in the way that you look. I do know that it has made me feel much better about myself. I currently weigh 154. My starting weight was 165.

 I never really was on a 'diet'. I cut out fast food, some carbs, candy, unnecessary sugars, just basic fatty foods. I am starting a new diet today. I am not gonna share what it is just because I have had a few people criticize my Get Sexy video & therefor I have decided not to share all of my methods. I am going to see how this diet works for a few weeks and if it doesn't seem any better than what I was originally doing, I'll just switch back :)

I hope all of you who said that you were trying to get into shape are doing well! Please feel free to comment with what you've been doing to stay active and if you have seen any progress! Even if it isn't weight loss you were after. Many people are in perfect shape but just want to tone up.
Thanks all for listening!

3 Responses to Project Sexy in Full Speed!

  1. D.Sadie

    Wow, that's great news! Congrats. =) I've been trying to lose weight. All I've been doing is just cutting down on the junk food. Haha.


  2. MakeUpbyLaura1

    Wow!!you have just become my inspiration. I started a cycling class last week 3 times a week and are also watching my eating habits..I really hope I get great results like you have..CONGRATS!!!
    By the way Loyal Follower here. on You Tube ang Blogger =)
    Visit my blog when you get a chance.

  3. BlueZipzip

    way to go!!
    Im trying to eat less bread and that kind of stuff, and drink more.