Temptalia Mentions My Review!!

Posted by ThatGirlShaeXo on Sunday, June 26, 2011.

OH MY GOSH. Okay. So. This may not be a super big deal to some people. But I am totally freaking out. I have followed Temptalia for so so long. Today my good YT friend RatherBeDancing3 tweeted me letting me know Temptalia had listed my review on her Link Love post. I was like WHAAAT!? Im so excited!! hehe.

4 Responses to Temptalia Mentions My Review!!

  1. G-Rizzle

    Good for you girlfriend!! lol. Thats siiick. I would be super stoked too. I always die when Shrinkle from Sugar Pill messages me. LOL!

  2. Beauty By Krystal

    AW!!! That's so exciting!!! :D

  3. JC ♔

    Girl, congrats. I would've had a heart attack too. You totally deserve it!

  4. D.Sadie

    Nice!! You deserved it =D Congrats babe!