Getting My Beach Babe Body Back!

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 Okay guys. The weathers starting to warm up, I'm getting bikini catalogs in the mail, and I can no longer stand wearing sweaters. What does this mean? Its almost summer! As excited as I am for the beach and great weather, I am also quite nervous.

I have always been a heavier girl. Not over weight, but never one for flat abs. I got curves and I love them! But in high school I felt so pressured by all the thin gorgeous girl I went to school with. I went to the serious extremes to lose weight. Though I did lose a ton, I also really hurt my body in the process. I was abusing diet pills, medicines that make you vomit, over exercising, and avoiding food where I could. I became obsessed with calorie counting. I would spend hours online googling insanely skinny girls to use as "Thin-spiration".
It was absolutely one of the hardest times in my life because no matter how thin I got I never felt good enough.

Eventually overtime I stopped all the crazy things I was doing. I think the thing that had stopped was that I was always stealing my moms diet pills. She questioned me about it, and of course, I said "No I would never steal from you how could you even ask?!". A week later she found some that I had stolen. An overwhelming amount of guilt hit me. This obsession was forcing me to lie to my mother and steal. Something I would have never done in life.

I decided to turn things around and get on a healthy track. After 3 year I have gained quite a bit of weight back. I am determined to get my bikini body back, the HEALTHY way! I am really hoping maybe this inspires some of my younger viewers who have reached out to me about their dealing with eating disorders and losing weight.

I am hoping to start doing regular health videos or blog posts. My next one will be more official with my weight, measurements, goal weight, my food choices and work out plans.
My lovely friend Kristy recomended this youtube channel to me and I am OBSESSED! The girls are so sweet, the workouts are legit, they make it seem so easy and simple. I am loving them and their blog so be sure to check them out! Ill see you guys in my next post :)

Love you!

Bridal Series: DIY Bridal Makeup Tips

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Bridal Look #1

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 Hey Lovies! So this is the bridal look I am wearing in my Bridal Tips video, as well as my soon coming Bridal Look #1 tutorial. Here are the products used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
'Yogurt' & 'Black Bean' NYX Jumbo Pencils'
MAC Naked Lunch e/s
MAC All That Glitters e/s
MAC Satin Taupe e/s
MAC Scene e/s
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC Vanilla e/s
MAC Black Track Fluidline

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
Studio Gear Flawless Foundation
MAC Skinfinish Natural
Hoola Bronzer
MAC Desert Rose Blush

MAC 'Spice' & 'Subculture' Lip Pencils
NYX 'Sweetie Pie' Lip Gloss

Warm Golden Eyes (April Favs Makeup Tutorial)

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April Favies!

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OCC Eyes

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Hey guys! So I was just playing around with some things I got from Imats and came up with this look. I am not to sure if I'm going to do a tutorial but if you would like one just ask :)

- OCC Pigment "Flawed"
-OCC Pigment "Authentic"
-Inglot Red Shadow
-Inglot Taupe/Brown Shadow
-Mac Brule Shadow
-Mac Vanilla Pigment
-Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
-Mrs. Adoro Lashes #1

UD Cream to Powder Foundation
UD "Crush" Cream Blush
Mac "Bite of an Apple" Blush

YSL Rouge #1

My Boyfriend Does My Makeup!

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Hey pretties! so I finally gave into the boyfriend tags! I did the makeup one on my beauty channel and the question one on my personal vlog channel so make sure you go watch both! I decided to do this as a FOTD and list everything he chose, along with some horrible pictures haha.

UD Primer Potion
MAC Mineralized Shadow in "Lovestoned"
MAC Et Tu Bouqet E/S
Loreal HIP Cream Liner 'Egplant'
MAC Feline Eye Khol
LORAC 3d Macara

Revlon ColorStay
Loreal Fit Me Powder
MAC "Madly Magenta" Cream Color Base
MAC "Amazon Princess Blush"
MAC Petticoat MSF
Smashbox Suntan Matte Bronzer
Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipstick

This was definitely an.. experience. He does not think he will be diving into the makeup artistry world anytime soon. Make sure to watch the actual video! 
Love Ya!

Review: Sibu Beauty Skincare

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 Hey my lovely ladies and lads! So recently I was sent some products from Sibu Beauty. Now don't worry, I know everyone always says this, but it will never ever effect the opinion on the products.

I was sent their Repair & Protect Facial Cream and their Cleanse & Detox Face and Body Soap.
When I first was contacted to test their products I was a little weary. My face can be so sensitive and I was worried that this was just a cheap company trying to spread their products through naive YouTubers who are willing to review anything so long as its free. I did my research and learned that Sibu is actually a quite respected company. They are sold at many health stores such as GNC. I also just recently saw their products in Elle magazine.

Their website goes into a great detail about their products as well. Just a few great things about their products are that they are 100% natural, paraben free, and their key ingredient is Sea Buckthorn. Sibus website goes into extensive research and explanation about why Sea Buckthorn is so wonderful for you, but to sum up, its a miracle fruit.

I have been using these products for about 2 weeks now. I am amazed to find out that the moisturizer did not break my skin out. I seriously feel like even the wrong kind of water could break me out! My skin is just so irritable. Back to the moisturizer. The first thing i noticed was the smell was seriously amazing. Like fresh tangerines. It was also very lightweight. I absolutely hate thicker and heavy moisturizers.

I haven't noticed seriously intense changes from before the Sibu moisturizer. However I did notice my skin feeling extremely refreshed and hydrated. More than usual. I actually prefer to put this on now over my Korres moisturizer. Which, if you watch my channel, you'll know I am OBSESSED with it. I feel as though Sibus is just as great for my skin but feels alot more hydrating.

As for the facial/body bar, I was very hesitant to use the bar on my face after the 1st use. Bars of soap can sometimes be a breeding ground for bacteria because it simply can't latch off of it. But I did try it on my face when I first opened the soap and my skin felt very clean. I especially love that there are these little flecks of something in the soap that were small but there enough to exfoliate. I did start using it on my body and noticed improvement on my arms. I have a slight case of eczema and it seems to be a little less noticeable and bumpy than usual, after a few weeks of using this soap. I checked the site and it does say it helps to "address rosacea and eczema". This is something I will for sure be repurchasing in the future! I am very self conscious of my arms and this truly did help.

I overall am happy with these products. Keep in mind alot of times there aren't noticeable improvements when using a new product till about 4-6 weeks. I have only been using these for two weeks, so I am excited to see the results after the full six weeks. My arms do look a whole lot clearer and the face moisturizer seriously feels like a burst of hydration. I can not even explain how fresh it feels.

Sorry this was so long! I do highly recommend trying Sibu out if you are looking for an all natural skincare line. They also carry so many more products including a liquid supplement that I am definitely purchasing for myself soon! It supposedly supports hair and nail growth which is like the only thing I ever want in life hahaha.

Thanks for reading! Leave questions and comments below :)

Purple/Silver Prom Look

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Hey everyone! So I have just uploaded my latest prom tutorial to YouTube. In my tutorial I used mainly MAC products. I know it super hard to buy high end products at such a young age. Therefor, I have compiled a list of dupes for each high end product I used :) I hope this helps you my dears!

Urban Decay 'S&M' - Any metallic silver!! Very simple color.
MAC Vanilla Pigment - Loreal Hip Pigment 'Restless'
MAC Satin Taupe -  Maybelline 'Silken Taupe'
MAC Parfait Amour - Milani 'Enchantment'
MAC Top Hat (LE) - NYX Deep Purple

Universal Prom Look

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Hey guys! So I just uploaded a tutorial on this universal prom look. I have more specific prom looks coming up in the future. I said in the video I would list dupes for the high end makeup I used in the video so here they are!

*MAC Satin Taupe = Maybelline Silken Taupe, Rimmel Strength, ULTA Twilight
*MAC All That Glitters = Covergirl Country Woods 215
*MAC Brule = Milani Almondine
*MAC Pink Swoon Blush = Sonia Kushuk's blush in "Pink Flamingo"


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Hey my lovely ladies and gorgeous gents'!

I have an announcement!!! If you watch my YouTube you already know, but I will be attending IMATS in NY April 9th & 10th! I am absolutely so excited. First of all I want to know if any of you are going. If so PLEASE leave me a comment saying so. Id love to meet every single one of you and say hi or chat or go to one of the classes together, whatev! Im just so excited and I am going all by my lonesome and would love to have some company :) I originally wanted to attend the LA show but I just didnt plan far enough ahead. I also live in Jersey so Im close enough to NY anyway. I am just so so super pumped but also so nervous hahaha.

Im so sad that MAC and Makeup Forever are not on the exhibit list. I mean I know they're just basic brands that you could go to any mall for. But still :(

These are all the booths I'm most excited to visit:
-Crown Brushes
-Jesse's Girl
-Kett Cosmetics
-Lit Cosmetics
-Naked Cosmetics
-Yaby Cosmetics
-Zuca Bags

Eeeeek! i am so so so excited. The classes will also be amazing. PLEASE let me know what you're most excited about seeing. Or if theres a booth that I didnt list that you think I should!